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Welcome to Alien Wiki, a comprehensive resource for information about the mysterious mummified remains discovered in the Nazca region of Peru. In 2015, a collection of ancient human bodies was unearthed from a network of underground tunnels near the famous Nazca Lines, sparking intense debate and scientific investigation.

Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to common questions related to the Nazca mummies, their discovery, and ongoing research.
Specimen Directory
Detailed profiles of the individual specimens, including physical descriptions, unique features, and imaging results.
Link Repository
A curated collection of educational content, theories, research, interviews, and more.
Historical Art
Discover artwork from various cultures worldwide depicting creatures remarkably similar to the Nazca mummies.
People Directory
Learn about the experts involved in studying the mummies, including their credentials and contributions to the research.
Debunk Attempts
Examine the arguments against the authenticity of the mummies and the counterpoints presented by researchers.
DNA Analysis

We aim to provide an objective, evidence-based resource for those interested in learning more about these fascinating archaeological finds. As new information emerges, this wiki will be updated to reflect the latest developments in the ongoing scientific investigation.

Join us in exploring the mysteries surrounding the Nazca mummies and the potential implications they may have for our understanding of human history and the possibility of non-human intelligent life.